why you should choose studio 34 hair salon

Getting a new hairstyle is like creating a new you and a fresh start. Allow Studio34 to be a part of your journey of reinventing yourself. We strive to create the perfect look you have always desired, cater to your hair needs and wants, and develop a long-lasting bond with our clients.

About Us

We are a hair and beauty salon located in Delray Beach, FL with a history of providing exceptional service and happy clients. We achieve this by hiring a team of skilled hairstylists who specialize in a wide range of professional hair services from haircuts to full-color correction to hair extensions. Not only are they skilled, but compassionate, trustworthy, and friendly. We keep up with the latest trends to provide up-to-date and vast styles. Our main goal is to create a safe, comfortable environment for you to redefine and be yourself. We are committed to enhancing your inner and outer beauty when you leave our salon chair.

How to Prepare for Your First Visit

Booking an appointment

If you have not yet booked an appointment you can book on our website under our Book Online section or give us a call at 561-381-5277. Once you have booked your appointment you are now one step closer to your journey of reinventing yourself.

Before your appointment

It is always recommended to treat and prepare your hair before an appointment. It is not needed to, but doing a moisturizing hair mask or treatment before the appointment is a great way to have that extra protection and promote healthy hair. Especially if you are coming in for a color treatment or a blowout.

The day of your hair appointment

When it’s time for you to come visit Studio34 arrive a few minutes early to have time to park and enter our salon without feeling in a rush. Come to our salon with your hair unaltered. This is so our hair stylists can see your hair in its natural state.

For any appointments involving color, it is recommended to cleanse your hair and scalp a few days before your appointment. While you do not need to have freshly washed hair the day of, excessive oil on the hair shaft can create an uneven color due to the build-up grease creating an unwanted layer on your hair.


First, develop an idea of what you want your new hairstyle to be. A great way is to refer to a picture. Some suggestions are websites like Pinterest, Instagram, or Google. If you still need more guidance for your hairstyle, one of our skilled hairstylists can guide you through with suggestions before they begin. Inform your hairstylist about details of your hair you think are important and your hair routine/maintenance. And don’t be afraid to try new things and keep an open mind to suggestions!

Time to Relax

Now it is time to sit back and relax while our outstanding hairstylists take great care and time to create your desired look. Get ready and comfortable to see the new you!