Studio 34 Delray Beach How to Protect Your Hair

How can These Factors damage your hair?

Summertime has arrived, which means time to go to the beach, enjoying the pool, and the sun being out all day. While we all love summertime, things like the pool, sun, and seawater can have a damaging effect on our hair.

Sun Damage:

The sun emits UV rays, also known as UV radiation. Being exposed to a large amount of UV radiation during the summertime can damage the hair’s cuticle by making them weaker. The sun can have the same effect as the application of bleach to your hair. Sun damage can result in breakage, frizz, dryness, and unmanageable hair.

Pool Damage:

Going to the pool is a great way to cool off during the summertime, but did you know there are chemicals present in the water that can affect your hair. The pool often contains chlorine to keep the pool safe and clean; however, chlorine is extremely drying to your hair. Chlorine can weaken your hair cuticle making it more susceptible to sun damage causing your hair’s natural color to alter and hair breakage.

Seawater Damage:

Like the pool, saltwater has the same drying effect on your hair. Saltwater strips your hair of its natural oils and water, leaving it dry, brittle, and tangled. This is due to the high amounts of salt present in the ocean. The salt acts like a vacuum removing all the moisture from your hair shaft when being overexposed to saltwater.

How to Protect your Hair during the Summertime?

Thankfully, there are ways you can enjoy all your summertime events while protecting your hair. Taking precautions before you go out is a great way to ensure your hair is healthy and protected. Below are tips to protect your hair:

• Wear a swim cap to protect your hair from chlorine and saltwater.
• Wear a scarf to protect your hair from the sun.
• Do a hydrating and moisturizing hair mask before going out.
• Use a protective oil like argan oil and castor oil to create a protective layer on your hair cuticle.
• Using a protective cream with SPF to protect your hair from UV rays.
• Use a leave-in conditioner to keep your hair moisturized. Re-apply throughout the day and bring along with you to the beach or pool.
• Rinse your hair with clean water, after being in saltwater or chlorine.
• Do a protein or deep conditioner after exposing your hair to chlorine, salt water, or the sun.

Using these tips will keep your hair protected and moisturized throughout the summer. Be sure to take precautions for your hair and skin before you plan to go out and do not forget to have a good time!

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