Studio 34 Delray Hair Color

At Studio34 we strive to make your hair POP! Regardless of the color you choose, it will bring out the best in you. Two of our most popular coloring appointments are balayage-ombre and color correction.

If you are unsure what a balayage-ombre is, it is okay because that is what Studio34 is here for. To keep you updated and informed on new and trendy hairstyles. Balayage translates to “sweep” in French. A balayage-ombre is a coloring technique, where the hairstylist hand-paints or sweeps the color onto each hair strand vertically. The balayage-ombre begins at the roots and the color begins to gradually become more intense and heavier towards the ends. It is recommended to do a balayage-ombre on medium to long hair for the best results; however, it is possible on short hair as well. The balayage-ombre can be done in a variety of colors like blonde, black, brown, and red. The outcome is a natural-looking gradient color that has grown out from the roots of your hair.

Color Correction
We’ve all experienced a color gone wrong whether it’s an old coloring job, at-home job, or just a plain uneven color going on. This is where color correction comes in handy. Color correction comes in a variety of possibilities, but the main two types are lifting dark hair or darkening light hair. It consists of toning or lightening hair drastically to create the desired color. Think of color correction like how a make-up artist uses different pigments and colors to create a foundation to match their client’s skin. Color correcting works the same way just for hair! It is a long process depending on the hair color desired and your current hair color, but the outcome is beautiful and most definitely worth the wait. Your stylist will analyze your color and the color you desire. To correctly color your hair so no unwanted tones or colors show after dying.

How to maintain your color after your salon visit
Once you leave the chair, your new hair color will be so vibrant. Now how can you maintain this after leaving our salon? Following the methods and tricks below will help to ensure your hair color does not get dull and stays vibrant until it is time for your next touch-up.

  1. Don’t wash immediately
    Do not shampoo your hair immediately after leaving the salon. Washing your hair too early can cause the color to fade prematurely. Wait about 48 to 72 hours to shampoo.
  2. Using a color shampoo
    With colored hair, you will need to change your products and make sure they cater to your color. It is vital to choose the right shampoo that is safe and does not strip out your hair color. For example, if you have recently dyed your hair blonde, choose a purple shampoo to maintain the color and prevent brassiness.
  3. Doing hair treatments
    Coloring your hair can make your hair more susceptible to dryness and breakage. Your hair will need more care than before. To keep your hair healthy create a routine to do deep conditioning treatments to hydrate, moisturize, and promote shine. Also, try to do a protein treatment at least once a month to promote and retain strength in your hair.
  4. Regular hair appointments
    Stay on top of your appointments. When its time for a touch-up, allow one of our skilled stylists to refresh your hair and bring your color back to its full potential