Keratin Treatment

Everything you need to know about Keratin Treatments

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Nowadays, the secret of shiny and smooth hair of women is the Keratin treatment. Keratin treatment is a chemical method that makes frizzy and random hair shiny and smooth. Depending on the type of Keratin treatment, the results last up to six months

What is Keratin?

Keratin is the type of protein in our body that makes up our skin, hair, and nails. In addition to hair, nails, and skin, it has a huge presence in our internal organs and glands too. Animals that have keratin in their bodies are used to produce hair cosmetics by especially separating keratin from their hair, nails, horns, feathers, and wool.
Keratin is one of the main structural building blocks of human hair. So, many hair experts think that keratin supplements, cosmetics, and treatments can help strengthen your hair and make it look healthier, shiny, and smooth. In a word, keratin treatment brings natural shine and smoothness to your hair by rebuilding the lost protein. Nowadays this treatment has become very popular among both men and women.

Keratin Treatment

To have keratin treatment you must choose a holiday or a day when you have plenty of time on hand. Because this one is a lengthy treatment. It takes approximately three hours or more.

At the beginning of keratin treatment, the hair is thoroughly washed with shampoo (no conditioner). Then a round of blow-dry to remove all the moisture from hair. When the hair is completely dry, the keratin solution is applied perfectly. After that have to wait a while to make sure the hair and keratin solution is set. Then another round of blow-dry. Finally, the hair is straightened using a flat iron. The result ends with smooth, shiny, manageable hair. Normally it lasts at least three months with a proper hair care regime.

Benefits and results

The result of keratin treatment is not the same for everyone. Different individuals have different results depending on the type of hair, the health of the hair, the thickness, and the condition. However, those who have undergone this treatment have received the following benefits-

  • Easily manageable smooth and shinier hair.
  • Hair appears polished and fuller.
  • It makes curly hair less frizzy.
  • Hair looks more straight.
  • Hair can be styled easily into any form.
  • Hair is shielded from the destructive impacts of the sun and other ecological harm.
  • Hair is less inclined to breakage and damage because of the serum.
  • Eliminates blow-drying or styling time to a great extent.

Before getting a keratin treatment, you must check whether your hair is suitable for this treatment. Studio 34 Delray will examine your hair and only then decide whether or not your hair will have keratin treatment. To have safe keratin treatment and a tremendous hairstyle Studio 34 Hair and Beauty Salon is the best in your city.