Studio 34 Delray Beach Keratin Treatment

What is the Keratin Treatment?
The keratin treatment is a cosmetic procedure to chemically straighten your hair. It is made out of the protein, keratin. Keratin is found naturally in your hair shaft to protect and shield against humidity. External factors like weather, styling, and the sun cause the loss of keratin in your hair. This can lead to frizzy and dry hair. The keratin treatment boosts the amount of keratin in your hair shaft. Leaving you with the appearance of smooth, shiny, and frizz-free hair.

Benefits and Best Hair Types for the Keratin Treatment?
The keratin treatment is best suited for those who experience excessive frizz, dry hair, and almost unmanageable hair. The keratin treatment is a healthier option rather than straightening your hair every day. It promotes shine, prevents frizz, smooths the hair cuticles, and reduces the time for styling. It is not recommended for those with fine, straight hair; it may create the appearance of flat, lifeless hair.

How Long Does it Last?
After you have received the treatment, with proper care it can last two to three months. It is vital to not wash your hair and stay away from water for the first three days. You also want to avoid tying your hair up in buns and ponytails to decrease the chance of creating an indentation in your hair.

How to Prepare/Care for the Keratin Treatment?

To prepare locate a professional hairstylist to perform the treatment for you. Our salon has talented stylists with great knowledge about keratin treatment. You can contact us or book an appointment through our website.
Before arrival, refrain from applying any color treatments to your hair to prevent the keratin from altering your hair color. Be sure you are not sensitive to the chemicals in the treatment and it is not recommended for women who are pregnant.
On the day of the appointment, you do not need to prepare your hair in anyway. It is best to come with your hair unaltered, in its natural state.

As mentioned above, it is recommended to avoid water, washing your hair, touching your hair, and tying your hair up the first few days. To maintain your results, use only sodium chloride-free hair products and wrap your hair at night with a satin or silk scarf to protect and maintain moisture. Maintaining the health of your keratin treatment is important. Without proper care, it can lead to excessive hair thinning and shedding.
The keratin treatment is a great choice for those with frizzy hair and who desire a more permanent solution for long-term straight hair.