Studio 34 Hair Salon Services Delray Beach




When you are ready to transform your short, thin hair into a head of locks fit for a magazine cover, our award winning Delray Beach hair extensions professionals at Studio 34 can help make your dreams a reality. We understand that not everyone was born with the long, voluminous head of hair that so many of us long for, but hair extensions made from 100% real human hair are a nearly instantaneous method to achieve the look you’ve always desired. Naturally, different women will have different needs, so it’s important to have professionals on hand to help you select the perfect extensions and apply them with skill and grace. With European hair stylists who can create hair styles like an artist creates a painting, our staff will allow your unique personality to shine through with a style as individual as you are.


Our salon for hair extensions in Delray Beach offers the following top of the line hair extensions made from 100% real human hair:

  • So. Cap Extensions – With 81 different shades of varying lengths and textures, you’ll have the ability to help direct our stylists to create the exact look you desire. Pre-bonded keratin based extensions produced in Italy with cutting edge technology by specialized chemists and engineers allow you all the benefits of long, soft hair with no need to wait for your hair to grow.
  • Tape Extensions – Super fast applications and plenty of variety in length and styles make tape extensions a popular choice for many women. In under an hour, you can transform short or thin hair into a full, long, and shiny look. The strands can last up to two months and are easily removed; they can even be re-taped if desired, and do not require specialized tools in the application process.
  • Keratin Extensions – These tiny sections of real hair are attached to your own hair with a keratin based “glue” through the use of either heat or ultrasonic waves. Because they are placed underneath a section of your own hair, no one will ever suspect that the extensions aren’t a part of your own body, no matter how you wear your hair. Once all the extensions are fused or “glued” in place, your stylist will dry cut your hair to ensure every strand is perfectly even and/or layered.
  • Clip Extensions – Perfect for when you want to create a special look on a special day, clip-in hair extensions are easy to insert and come in plenty of shades and lengths to blend beautifully with your own hair. Clip extensions allow you to create any style you want with no commitment, as they can be removed as easily as they are applied by our professional stylists.


At Studio 34 hair extension salon in Delray Beach, FL, we understand that beauty extends beyond your hair, no matter how exquisite the style. Taking good care of your skin can help you look and feel younger and more radiant. Professional, highly skilled skin care specialists offer rejuvenating face lifts or non surgical face lift options that can take 10 years off of your face in a wonderfully relaxing way. Our team of professional make up artists can create a dazzling look appropriate for any situation from your perfect wedding day to a glamorous night on the town; you can complete the look with a customized manicure and/or pedicure at the same full service salon location. We also offer waxing services to leave you bikini ready with soft, smooth skin that lasts for weeks. Come in for a self confidence boost, and leave looking like a celebrity!