Studio 34 Delray Hair Salon Balayage Ombre

Balayage is a French word that means “sweeping”. It actually pronounced BAH-LEE-AHGE. Balayage is the procedure of free-hand painting highlights on the hair to create a soft and natural gradation of lightness. After a perfect balayage, it gives your hair a natural sun-kissed look. The most important fact is, maintenance after balayage is much easier. That’s why it is such popular among both men and women and kids also all over the world.

Why is balayage so popular?

The actual story behind this is “less maintenance”. Since the process is intended to give the vibe of grown-out roots that are complimenting and common rather than stark and skunky, it’s less work to maintain hair. That takes less time and money spent at the salon, and in turn, less damage is done to the hair. Every balayage has a difference: Placement, gradation, and color are based on your hair wave, color, texture, and length. So you can personalize to highlight or soften facial features. A good hairstylist will always take into consideration your skin tone and natural base color to decide which tone suits you.
World-famous celebrities like Kardashians, Chrissy Teigen have brought the balayage hair color trend to the limelight. Within a few years, it gained popularity with the masses. If search for the hashtag “balayage” on Instagram it gives more than 20 million results.

Best Balayage Hair Colours

This highlighting technique also works on red, black, brunettes, and even more trendy hair colors like purple and rose gold. All over the world blonde balayage is one of the most popular types of balayage. Here a list of most favorite balayage hair colors-

  • Blonde
  • Ash Blonde
  • Dark Blonde
  • Brown Blonde
  • Rose Gold
  • Copper
  • Brown/Brunette
  • Dark Hair/Black
  • Caramel
  • Dark Brown
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Honey

Who should try balayage?

No worries if your hair is super dark or kinky-curly, you can try out balayage. But if you have allergic problems, you must talk to your doctor before a balayage.

Can You Do Balayage at Home?

Probably you shouldn’t. Balayage seems effortless and natural. But it’s not like traditional single-process hair color. Balayage techniques are very explicit and need a lot of education and practice as it is totally hand-painted. It’s hard to do it on your own.