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Hair extensions can be the easy solution to all of your long hair problems, whether you want to add volume, length, or simply change up your hairstyle for a new season. They are made of either natural or synthetic hair. Hair extensions can help you achieve longer, fuller hair and maybe even experiment with different hair colors and textures depending on the type of extensions you get.

Reasons to Use Hair Extensions

  • There could be numerous reasons for someone to get hair extensions.
  • If you don’t have good hair growth, you can hair extensions to add length to your hair.
  • It can be used to achieve a new look, such as fringe or a specific cut.
  • Add some great bounce to your normal hair.
  • Add some color without using any chemical colors in your hair.

Things to Consider Before Getting Extensions

If you want to add hair extensions to your natural tresses, there are several things you should consider before getting the procedure done.

  • Always have hair extensions put in your hair by a professional stylist. Most of the extensions may appear simple enough to apply yourself, but to do so can seriously harm your hair.
  • Always choose high-quality extensions, even if they are more costly. You don’t really want hair accessories that could cause damage later.
  • Remember to take care of your natural hair. Damaged hair cannot withstand much styling, even if it’s just hair extensions.

Different Types

Clip-In Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are usually the best option for anybody who needs longer hair in minutes. Clip-ins are hair wefts with clips at the top attached to them. All you have to do is clip them into your hair at the roots. They can range in size from 2 to 8 inches. C lip-in extensions are less permanent because you can take them in and out anytime you want.

Tape-In Hair Extensions

If you are searching for hair extensions that could easily be put on in a short time, tape-in extensions are a great option for you. These extensions come with single or double-sided polyurethane tape. Your hair is always sandwiched and glued between these extensions.

Sew-In Extensions

Sew-in extensions are usually applied by a hairdresser in a variety of ways. These are sometimes called a weave. The weave hair extension entails making a horizontal cornrow in the hair and then sewing your hair extensions into it with a needle and cotton thread.

Hot Fusion Hair Extensions

Hot fusion is a complex method that requires a skilled professional. The procedure begins with a keratin U-tip bond lined with silicone and attached to the extension. A heating tool is then used to bond the hair extension to the root of your hair. The silicone lining helps to protect your strands from heat damage.

Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

Cold fusion is very similar to hot fusion hair extension. The only distinction is that it is pre-tipped with the use of a keratin-based polymer that should be attached to the roots of your hair. Although you will need a special device to do so, no heat will be applied.


Hair extensions unquestionably add oomph to your hairdos. It helps make your hair look longer, thicker, and voluminous. If you simply want to try out different color schemes but are extremely worried about hair damage, extensions can be very beneficial.

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