Studio 34 Delray Beach Hair Extenstions

We’d all love a way to try new hairstyles without having to fully commit. Hair extensions give you that exact privilege. Hair extensions are the new way to try new hairstyles without having to sacrifice your hair or having a haircut gone wrong that has gone wrong and needing your long locks back. They are also used to add volume or increase the thickness of your hair. Here’s everything you need to know about hair extensions before you try them.

Types of Hair Extensions

  1. Tape-in Extensions
    Tape-in extensions are pre-bonded extensions between two pieces of bioadhesive tape. They are either taped or glued close and along the root of your hair. The process can take up to an hour to install. With proper care, they can last up to four to eight weeks. Stir away from certain shampoos, conditioners, and oils that will loosen the adhesive of your extensions. Your stylist will recommend certain hair products that are gentler on the extensions and will not cause them to loosen. They will need to be removed and reinstalled by a stylist to prevent damage. They can be straightened and curled to your desire.
  2. Clip-in Extensions
    Clip-in extensions are wefts of hair with clips attached at the top. They have the least amount of maintenance and a faster installation time. They are reusable and can be easily removed/reapplied whenever you desire. They do not require any heat or chemicals to apply, so there is zero damage to your natural hair. You can apply heat to curl and straighten your extensions.
  3. Sew-in Extensions/Weave
    Sew-in extensions or also known as a weave are long thin wefts of hair. These extensions are recommended for those with thicker/coarser hair. To apply your hair is braided down into cornrows and each weft is sewn into your hair until it is completely covered. No damage occurs to your natural hair because it is braided under the extensions. The process may take a few hours to complete and should only be done by a professional. The extensions can be dyed, straightened, and curled. Sew-in extensions typically last up to four weeks before a re-installment is needed.

    Synthetic Hair vs. Real Hair Extensions

    When buying hair extensions you can choose between real hair and synthetic hair extensions, so what is the difference?

    Real hair extensions are made 100% from human-hair that is collected from a donor. They are commonly donated by people in India, China, and Cambodia. Real hair extensions react just like human hair and last longer.
    Synthetic hair is fake hair that copies the look and feel of real hair. They are made from man-made fibers. Sometimes heat cannot be applied to prevent burning the hairs of your extensions because they are made out of a certain plastic. Some synthetic extensions are heat-friendly.

    How to maintain them?

    All types of hair extensions must be maintained for them to last long and look great. Below are tips to maintain your hair extensions:

    – Be sure to detangle them frequently to prevent knots
    – Wrap them up at night in a bun or use a satin scarf to protect your hair
    – Keep your hair and extensions moisturized
    – Be sure to wash them correctly (depending on which type you have)
    – Do not sleep with wet hair extensions
    – Protect your hair while using heat